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Everything you need to know about my deepest wishes and desires, hobbies and fantasies, you will find here on my site, through my photos, videos and personal blog. 

I love being a model because it has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and make so many friends from all over the world so I want to share with you a little bit of my extraordinary experience through my site. 

I can tell I am the best listener in the world, with me you can talk about anything and everything  because I'm romantic and caring by nature. 

I'm also a personal trainer and this gives me the opportunity to keep myself in the best shape and also inspire the life of others. I also like cooking because the diet is also very important if you want keep yourself fit and healthy. 

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May, 15, 2017

What your eye color says about you

May, 15, 2017

What your eye color says about you

I have blue eyes. They are like the sea and people regularly get lost in them. OK, so people don't talk about my eyes that much, but when they do, the themes they return to are often associated with the blue-eyed character.


Apparently eyes could actually predict everything from your personality to what kind of boyfriend you’d be. Eyes aren’t just a cute facial feature to admire, numerous studies show eye colour is linked to personality traits.


Blue eyes are associated with youthfulness and innocence. The darker the blue, the more passionate his personality, with pale blue eyes often indicating a calm nature. But don’t think pale blue-eyed guys are docile – they’re also often more flirtatious and better strategic thinkers than darker-hued dudes.


Men with brown eyes are thought to be more gentle and trustworthy than those with other eye colours. The most common eye colour also inspires faith and loyalty, and is associated with self-confidence, drive and determination. So it’s perhaps no coincidence that the majority of successful and wealthy men in the world have brown eyes. Also, the sleep cycles of those with darker coloured eyes are as much as two hours behind those with lighter pigmentation.


Green eye colour is far less common than brown and blue, so green-eyed guys are often considered to be more mysterious. In the sexy stakes, people with green eyes fare well – they’re generally seen as having an equally high energy level and libido. Green eyes can tend to indicate that a guy is highly spontaneous, imaginative and wilful.


Hazel eyes, another slightly rare eye colour, which can change between green and brown depending on the light and his mood. In some lights hazel eyes can even look slightly golden as the green and brown create an almost-yellow. This changeability is associated with spontaneity and fun, and the element of green found in hazel eyes is thought to show a mischievous side as well.


What color your eyes are


May, 04, 2017

The simple joys of life - Future

May, 04, 2017

The simple joys of life - Future

It’s been quite a while since I last talked to you so I thought why not share with you some of my dreams that will for sure bring me future joys in life.

If yourself do not cut the lines that tie you to the docks, destiny will sure send a storm to send out to sea. So when you feel that you should do something, you do it!

Travelling around the world

Everyone has or should have a bucket list and on my list it’s a trip to Cancun. I prefer the seaside rather the the mountines. I could really spend a couple of weeks there. I would love to spend an entire life time but winck, winck, I need you guys ! I will miss you so much! You bring me so much joy in life!


Jump with the parachute

I will do this without any hesitation. I like extreme sports! I like flying. I like the sensation! The thrill brings me a lot of joy And I want to spice the experience a little bit more.


Try the cuisine from every country

For sure I will not eat bugs! I will try anything that I believe I will enjoy. If I don’t like how it looks, I won’t try it. For me the visual contact is the most important thing!


Appearantly the things that bring me joy in life have upgraded a little bit. They are no longer simple but I do think it’s important to aim high!


Bungee jumping

Next on my bucket list, besides jumping with the parachute, bungyjumping is something that I really am looking forward to. At some point in the future … :)


Traing at Muscle Beach in California.

It’s every bodybuilder’s dream! It would be the best training experience and the biggest joy of my life!


Spend a night with a group of surfers on the beach

And since we’re talking about California, what can be better than to spend a night on the beach and party with the surfers. That’s the ultimate joy! I’ve heard that their parties are the best so I would definetely like to experience something like this.



It’s the best musical event. It’s once a year a people from all over the world meet at this special event to dance, socialize and have fun. It’s like a fantasy world! From here also the name of the event.


April, 19, 2017

The simple joys of life - Present

April, 19, 2017

The simple joys of life - Present

Hello my dears!

I would like to start by sending you, my fans, a huge hug. I have so many things to be thankful because of you and so this post is dedicated to all of you! It was a time when I focused more on the results missing the simple things that create great moments. The essence of life consists of simple joys. For example, take me to a gym and I transform myself. For me it’s the best joy in the world!  It’s like I lose connection to the outside world and all worries or thoughts from that day disappear. I can’t describe the feeling. You have to try it for yourself and I do recommend it! Somebody who doesn’t train can’t truly understand this joy. You have to go to the gym so you can understand this feeling!

Another thing that brings me a lot of joy to my heart is cooking. Unbelievable, right? When I was young I didn’t like to cook a bit but nowadays I consider it quite joyful. I don’t have as much time as I would like to but when I do I like to spend time in the kitchen to create my own recipes. I am a creative person so it’s only natural that I like to experiment. And since I am interested in being healthy I like to use and eat fresh products. I cook with chicken, turkey, pork (but I stay away from the fattening parts), a lot of veggies of course and rice. And I combine them, chicken with rice or veggies and so on. It depends on my mood. But one aspects has to be clean, I never fry them! Fried food is not healthy so  I recommend you to try to avoid it as much as possible.

Cooking also bring me joy because it combines very well with my passion for training.. We eat so much so fast food nowadays that we forgot the true taste of a tomato. I still can’t forget the good old times when a ripe tomato was as sweet as honey. Now they lack taste but they look pretty on the outside.

I also like to go shopping but I hate it when it’s crowded. Both food and clothes. If it we after me I would buy everyday a new pair of shoes. I enjoy an early morning walk to the market because that’s when I can find all the fresh products that I need. Simple, fresh, easy to cook… Ahh… the simple joys of life.

So … what simple joys of life do you have



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